Care at PVC

One of the unfortunate parts of life is that it can get messy at times. While the blessings and hope of Jesus are real, he also promised us we would have troubles in life.

Care at PVC is here to walk with you if you are hurting or don’t know where to turn. We provide opportunities for you to heal and find hope through classes, seminars, and groups. Our hope is through these vehicles, you will find the freedom in Christ to know you’re not broken or less valuable because of your trauma. We want you to know, believe, and live the fact that you are a new creation through Jesus’s healing power.

While Jesus did promise we’d have troubles in life, the second half of that promise is that we can find encouragement in the fact he has overcome the world. We are here to help you find that no matter what you have experienced.

Care Classes & Groups

Below are a list of commonly available Care Classes. Most are typically available in the Spring and Fall. Some opportunities are ongoing and available as needed.

To see classes currently available, or to register, please visit our Events page.

Embrace Grace | 8 weeks

Having an unplanned pregnancy or being a young, single mom can be a time of mixed and bittersweet emotions but the one thing you need to know is that you are not alone. Embrace Grace was designed to help and encourage young single women that are experiencing an unintended pregnancy.

Divorce Care | 13 weeks

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that you may ever face. Your divorce may change you, but it doesn’t define you. DivorceCare is a scripture-based class that offers both support and guidance during the difficult season when a divorce is imminent or after it’s finalized.

Financial Peace University | 10 weeks

Are your finances causing you stress? Need help starting a budget that works or getting out of debt? Wonder what the Bible has to say about finances? Stop worrying about money and start your journey toward financial freedom! Stop feeling enslaved by your debt and learn to manage money God’s way and discover revolutionary generosity.

Grief Share | 13 weeks

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience that can leave us feeling isolated and hopeless. Have you found your self thinking, “Does anyone understand the pain I feel right now?” GriefShare will provide you with valuable tools and a caring group of people to help you find hope for the future.

Marriage Mentoring | 6 weeks

Are you engaged or planning to get married? Join us for this six week class to help prepare for marriage.

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