A lot of times it can feel like you’re the only one who has ever experienced what you’re going through right now. No matter what you’re going through, we truly mean it when we say we’ve all been in your shoes and nothing you’re feeling or believing will shock us.

Below are a series of stories from people right here at Palm Valley Church. Some come from great experiences while others were walking through hard times. The unifying thread through all of them is a life changed through the hope and purpose found in Jesus.

Restoring Relationships | Olivia’s Story

It can be hard to face your hurts and habits, especially when they’re the norm for your friends and classmates. But Olivia had to reach a point where she needed to recognize her problem, seek help, and make amends to restore all the relationships she’d hurt along the way.

A Heart for Adoption | Gabe & Katie’s Story

Katie and Gabe had always wanted to foster a child, but it never really seemed to be the right time. But when Palm Valley started working to equip foster parents, they knew they had to jump in. This is the story of how their hearts changed to be broken for the things that break God’s heart.

Hoping for a Miracle | Don & Candy’s Story

“I knew that it sounded hopeless. But I still knew there was hope” Watch as Candy shares a time in her life when hope seemed impossible–and how God worked a miracle in the darkest of situations

Healing from Hurts | Eric’s Story

When faced with the loss of his family members, Eric had two choices: turn to God, or turn to drugs and alcohol. Eric chose the latter, causing damage to his wife, children, and friends. But God had bigger plans for him–plans to give him a hope and a community beyond one he ever could have imagined. This is Eric’s story.

Easter 2019 | Ashley’s Story

Madi was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018. This story is about the journey the whole family has been on, seeking Christ through it all.

GO Mission Trip | Ray’s Story

Every summer, we send out our High School students on a mission trip, called GO, and as a church, we support them. We had the chance to hear Rhiannon’s story, as a part of our annual High School GO support service. If you still would like to get involved in supporting our High School students, you can do so in the PVC App, or online at

Are You OK? | Ed’s Story

Are You Ok? Ed shares his story about battling PTSD and Mental Health.

Are You OK? | Nicole’s Story

Are You ok? Nicole shares her story about mental health and anxiety.

Are You OK? | Tracey’s Story

Are you ok? Tracey shares her story about mental health and anxiety.

Are You OK? | Mark & Jeannie’s Story

Are you ok? Mark and Jeannie share their story about mental health and depression.

Are You OK? | Summer’s Story

Are You Ok? Summer shares her story about mental health and it’s ok to not be ok.

Rooted in the Word | Jeff & Jamie’s Story

Listen to Jeff and Jamie Seeker as they talk about the impact on their lives that came from reading through the Bible in a year.

#WeArePVC | Kerri’s Story

Kerri’s story is an inspiring example of opening an invitation to those God places around you. Let Kerri’s story be a reminder that when we take a step of faith to follow where God is leading, it’s always worth it.

#WeArePVC | Justin’s Story

Looking to get plugged in at Palm Valley Church? Justin gives us a brief snapshot of his experience being in community and fellowship through serving!

#WeArePVC | Denise’s Story

Watch as Denise explains the importance of prayer and connecting with others on a deeper level—and the ways Palm Valley Church has provided her opportunities to build community.

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