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We know a lot happens outside of a Sunday morning. Whether you’re traveling, have someone home sick, or just can’t make it to a campus, we want you to be as connected as possible to Palm Valley Church.

Below are a list of links to help you take PVC wherever you go so you never miss out on what’s going on in the life of our church.

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Palm Valley Church Podcast

Each and every day, we take part in countless conversations. We talk with our spouse about our daily routine, our kids after they misbehave, or with co-workers about the latest Netflix show. Whether we realize it or not: conversations are happening.

At Palm Valley Church, we believe as we strive to follow Jesus every day that God wants to join us in all of our conversations. The Palm Valley Church Podcast is our movement toward inviting God into every one of our conversations.

Each episode features different staff members as they discuss current events, talk about leadership principles, break down theological concepts, teach on their areas of expertise, and laugh a lot!

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You can take the Palm Valley Church Podcast wherever you go.

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